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American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather net worth has an estimated 690 million as of June 2016 perhaps the best boxer of this era and without question the most talented. Floyd money Mayweather has shown an unprecedented mix of speed power and instincts every time he steps into the ring. A combination that has already translated to six boxing championships in five different weight classes super featherweight lightweight junior welterweight twice and super welterweight his professional boxing record is an astonishing 47 wins and 0 losses.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Broadcasting Deal

He beat the 50 most generously compensated competitors arrangements of Forbes and Sports Illustrated. In 2014 he was listed again by Forbes as the world’s highest-paid athlete at the time pay-per-view revenues were expected to exceed 180 million dollars of that 180 million dollars. Floyd was to be guaranteed 25 million dollars up front plus an additional dollar 2025 million on the back end, unfortunately. Mayweather impact we all could not reach an agreement and the fight fizzled for many years. Floyd went on to defeat Sugar Shane Mosley on April 1st, 2010 and Victor Ortiz in 2011 on may 5th 2012 Mayweather beat Miguel Cotto. Check this fullpipe-game

2015 was a massive year for Floyd Mayweather net worth . until Floyd shattered the record last year the most money ever earned in a single year by an athlete was 115 million which was set by Tiger Woods in 2008. Floyd won a whopping 285 million in winnings and partnership earnings alone from his fight with Manny Pacquiao mostly through his deal with television network Showtime. Also, Floyd earned 15 million through endorsement deals with Hublot FanDuel and Burger King to name a few this 15 million in endorsements seems like nothing when compared to his 285 million in her fight earnings but think about it that is 1.25 million dollars per month alone or just over 41,000 dollars per day. Floyd Mayweather net worth was an expected 300 million toward the start of 2015.

Mayweather’s Money Troubles

He is an excellent businessman who has befriended some of the wealthiest men in the world including Warren Buffett a modest estimate of natural growth of his fortune would be 10% just through an interest in business deals alone which would add another 30 million to his 2015 earnings. We think he is doing much better than that so we will estimate 50 million for natural growth of his fortune. So when you combine all of these revenue streams we estimate that Floyd Mayweather made roughly 350 million dollars in 2015 to put it in perspective that’s 29 million $167,000 per month or just under 1 million dollars per day and earnings Wow when combined with his already 300 million an estimated net worth.

In 2016, Floyd Mayweather net worth is expected to be around 650 million dollars with that kind of net worth Floyd could spend 175 thousand dollars of cash per day. Moreover, still be more productive at the end of the year than he was 12 months prior just in modest interest estimates alone one of the best things about Floyd Mayweather net worth is that it’s almost entirely made up of actual earnings many high net worth individuals have billions in net worth. However, it was conceptual and based mostly on their ownership stakes and huge publicly traded companies. If the stock prices go up or down in these companies well so does the owner that worth this is not the same as having cash in a bank account when it comes to Floyd’s net worth.

Mayweather’s Bet on Himself

We are talking about earnings that he paid this is cash that is already in his account, and that is very powerful we estimate that Floyd Mayweather net worth over a billion dollars in the next two to three years. If not sooner he was super smart and still super hungry and dedicated to becoming the best at everything he touches, and by the way, he has cut out mediators and boxing promotion and befriended Titans like Warren Buffett we feel like Floyd is indeed just getting started.

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